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Bogomil Ferfila, Aribo d.o.o.

“I have been working with real estate agencies in Slovenia for decades. Certainly, no other agency has such a large network of clients as S-Invest. This, of course, allows you to select only qualified tenants and not waste a minute of your time. Other services and employees of the company are on the highest possible professional level.”


Alisa Zotimova – Cushman and Wakefield

 “Jacqueline has created a thriving business and an excellent team in a business space that allows for very little and may be impenetrable for some – she has obviously succeeded! Client focus, business tenacity and outright friendliness make her a great business partner.”


Winston Norman – Editorial Director at Europa Property

“I worked with Jacqueline on a few projects for a number of years and was particularly impressed with her professionalism. While cooperating with  Jacqueline I found that her inside knowledge of the Slovenian real estate market was an indispensable tool for my research. Furthermore, her eye for detail enabled me to develop and create accurate materials. I would recommend Jacqueline to all my business partners.”


Mihajlo Badrljica – Immorent

“We searched for a real estate specialist who would provide us with in-depth analysis of market situation to help us steer our project. We chose Sloveniainvest, where Jacqueline holds the CEO position. The performance was more than we expected, on high professional level and included all information we needed. Based on the work done, Jacqueline’s international connections and her past achievements on the market, she remains my first choice when searching for partner in real-estate business in Slovenia.”


Georgi Georgiev – Editor at SeeNews

“I am very pleased to recommend Jacqueline with whom I have had the pleasure of collaborating on two occasions for the purposes of an overview of the trends shaping the underreported Slovenian real estate market. Jacqueline is a thorough professional with excellent grasp of the issues relevant to the development of all segments of the Slovenian real estate market. The invaluable market insights she provided have undoubtedly enhanced the property sector-related news content carried by our media outlet.”


Elaine Rossal – Head of London Group Research at Cushman and Wakefield

 “Jacqueline and I worked together on mixed use feasibility projects, and she demonstrated detailed market knowledge in what is an intransparent market. She displayed a determined and professional attitude to the work in-hand, which resulted in high quality reporting.”


Hans Urban Nolsoe Nielsen – Regus

 “Jacqueline delivered an extra ordinary performance in helping Regus finding the right location in Ljubljana. During the process Jacqueline showed a thorough understanding of the property market and the Slovenian society in general. Jacqueline is well connected and her dedication and hard work has a recognizable impact on the results she delivers. Jacqueline always shows a very positive attitude and I give her my best recommendations.”


Nick Pattie – Cushman and Wakefield

 “I have partnered with Jacqueline at Slovenia Invest on a number of successful hotel asset strategy projects within the region. She has an excellent, client-focused, approach that is both detailed and pragmatic, and we have enjoyed outstanding client reviews as a consequence.”


Marko Rant – Poteza

 “Through Slovenia Invest, Jacqueline brought about a new mindset to the commercial real estate market in Slovenia. I would highly recommend her for her knowledge and insight of the local property market.”


Mike Edwards – Cushman and Wakefield

 “In a non-transparent market that has not seen much investment activity, Jacqueline’s knowledgeable team on the ground in Slovenia has been invaluable in supporting our activities there.”


Mette Killingberg – Norkring Telekom

 “Jacqueline Stuart was our contact at Slovenia Invest when Norkring was looking for office location in Ljubljana. I was left with the experience of a professional and efficient service which was very helpful and led to a good solution for us. I appreciate quick responses and solutions, and Jacqueline definitely met my expectations.”


Sebastijan Piskar

“I rent out four offices. First I was advertising them by myself. Probably I was a bit clumsy with it. My offices remained vacant. During the advertising, a couple of real estate agencies offered their services which did not come up with results. After started working with S-Invest everything changed. I started offering all offices together. Viewings started, but for many potential tenants, space was either too big or too small. S-Invest suggested we should start offering individual offices. That is how we managed to rent all four offices one by one. After the first contract with a tenant, we realized that S-Invest has the best interest of a side which pays the commission. Of course a contract can’t be signed without a mutual agreement of both sides.”


Owner of the historical vila in the center of Ljubljana

“We have successfully worked with company S-Invest in 2016 and at the end of the year successfully sold our property. We were very happy with real estate agent from S-Invest Nataša Čas. She was very proactive and had the best interest of both parties to close the deal. Her personal engagement is something we did not see with other real estate agencies.

 In our case, the deal took a year to close due to certain circumstances of our tenant. During the whole process, Nataša Čas was very professional and nice. It meant a lot to us that she was very responsive, accessible, she paid attention to all the details during the whole process, and her communication with our future tenant and us was very professional, experienced and calm. Certain areas of the deal where our future tenant and us had different opinions on were communicated calmly and with positive vision also because of her successful way of forwarding information and her professionalism. Her hearty, calm and stable commitment was priceless to us.

When the deal was signed, handover in multiple steps followed. Ms. Nataša Čas was always present with honest interest for the property and good mood of both parties. Now we can happily write that even after a closed deal, between S-Invest and us remains something that was built through the whole process and can not measured in material value or time frames: good relationship and trust. In all of our future business with our real estate, we will with a lot of trust work with S-Invest and recommend them to everyone who wants to do business with their real estate.”


Peter Frankl, Director, Finance newspaper

“With S-Invest everything is simple. Clear, fast, efficient, direct, professional, without unnecessary words but still extremely nice. If you work with Jacqueline Stuart, director, you will not only find a business partner but also a business friend.”